Anadarko Outreach

Anadarko Outreach

Striving to bring Comanche Tribal members service residing outside of Cotton and Comanche counties. Comanche Nation programs are now available to you in Anadarko. Why drive all the way to Lawton for tribal assistance? Call or come by the Comanche Nation Outreach Office.


The Comanche Nation Anadarko Outreach Office is a direct result of our growing nation. We service tribal members in Anadarko and surrounding communities. Keeping you updated on current events, by hosting forums for tribal members to attend. This allows us the chance to get acquainted with the issues of our Comanche Nation. Such information include, tribal meetings, surveys, events that affect our members, and distribution of the Comanche Nation Newspaper. Stop by our office and pick one up.


The Comanche Nation Anadarko Outreach Office assists tribal members by providing local access to our many different tribal programs. Those programs include the following:


Social Services
Prescription Assistance
Comanche Nation Applications of Employment
Direct Employment
Higher Education
Adult Education
Environmental (EPA)
Student Services
Caregiver Program
Home Improvement
Comanche Nation Housing
Funeral Home
Family Assistance Center
Hope House
New Pathways
Public Information
Injury Prevention
Tax Commission
Elder Council


Charles Wells



Vidala Franklin
Assistant Director


Alicia Villagomez
Administrative Assistant



Ph: 405 247 4942
Fax: 405 247 4993



Comanche Nation Anadarko Outreach
117 S.W. 2nd Street
Anadarko, OK 73005