Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation

“To preserve historic and sacred landmarks of the Comanche Nation”

In February of 2008, the CBC approved Resolution #25-08, which delegated the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO) with the responsibility of; administering a tribal historic preservation program, conducting a comprehensive survey of historic properties, and maintaining an inventory of such properties. The purpose of the THPO is to assume the preservation role, in lieu of the State Historic Preservation Office on all projects having an impact or the ability to impact Comanche resources. In addition to the daily functions of reviewing the Section 106 requests, the Comanche Nation Tribal Historic Preservation Officer and staff have worked diligently towards the program directives.


On January 27, 2010, the Comanche Nation was formally approved by the Director of the National Park Service to become the 94th tribe in the U.S. to assume the historic preservation duties that were previously the responsibility of the state. Official THPO status provides the Comanche Nation an opportunity to acquire congressional dollars that are appropriated for administering the program.



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Click on the downloadable State Map in which your project occurs to determine if it lies within one of the counties in which the Comanche Nation has an interest in. Inquiries on the review 'fee(s)' assessed for a project may be directed to the Comanche Nation Office of Historic Preservation.


The Comanche Nations 'Areas of Interest' are highlighted, whereas the areas with a line across them are outside of the Nations concern.

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