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Numu Tekwapuha (CLCPC)

Numu Tekwapuha (CLCPC) (0)

The Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee proposes to change the direction of the language. That change is to restore the NUMU TEKWAPUHA as a living language once more and to take our language of heritage into the future


The Comanche Language & Cultural Preservation Committee


1375 N.E. Cline Road, Elgin OK 73538-3086


Fax: 1-580-492-5119


Visit their website here:



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“To protect Native American Graves from destruction by construction or other forces and to repatriate cultural items”

The NAGPRA as amended, is designed to protect the rights of Native Americans, lineal descendants, Indian tribes, and Native Hawaiian organizations, in respect to the treatment, repatriation and disposition of Native American human remains, funerary objects, sacred objects, and objects of cultural patrimony (referred to collectively in the statute as cultural items) with which a direct relationship can be demonstrated to, through lineal descent or cultural affiliation.




Margie Murrow




Ph: (580) 595 9393
Ph: (580) 595 9350 
Fax: (580) 699 8844




Comanche Nation NAGPRA
#8 SW ‘D’ Avenue
Lawton, Oklahoma 73507


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Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation (2)

“To preserve historic and sacred landmarks of the Comanche Nation”

In February of 2008, the CBC approved Resolution #25-08, which delegated the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO) with the responsibility of; administering a tribal historic preservation program, conducting a comprehensive survey of historic properties, and maintaining an inventory of such properties. The purpose of the THPO is to assume the preservation role, in lieu of the State Historic Preservation Office on all projects having an impact or the ability to impact Comanche resources. In addition to the daily functions of reviewing the Section 106 requests, the Comanche Nation Tribal Historic Preservation Officer and staff have worked diligently towards the program directives.


On January 27, 2010, the Comanche Nation was formally approved by the Director of the National Park Service to become the 94th tribe in the U.S. to assume the historic preservation duties that were previously the responsibility of the state. Official THPO status provides the Comanche Nation an opportunity to acquire congressional dollars that are appropriated for administering the program.



Martina Callahan



Contact Us

Ph: (580) 595 9618
Ph: (580) 595 9960
Fax: (580) 595 9733



Comanche Nation Historic Preservation Office
#6 SW ‘D’ Avenue, Suite C
Lawton, Oklahoma 73507

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Comanche Museum & Cultural Center

Comanche Museum & Cultural Center (0)

The Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center (CNMCC) is an entity of the great Comanche Nation and offers visitors a glimpse of traditional cultural items and detailed history about the tribe.  Its purpose is to allow visitors a better understanding about the Comanche People.  CNMCC provides historical and cultural information that is often overlooked in books and modern day media.  The facility provides a teaching tool for the public and offers guests a chance to learn about the largest American Indian tribe in the Lawton-Fort Sill area.


The concept for the museum was first introduced in the 1970's by a group of tribal members who longed for a place to  preserve their history, language, and culture.  This dream became reality in September 2007 when the museum opened its doors to the Lawton-Fort Sill community. The museum tells the "Numunuu" (Comanche) story by-way of several mediums, including informative panels, interactive displays and historic artifacts.


Funded completely by the tribe's casino revenue, the CNMCC is an example of positive distribution of gaming monies.  Through this avenue, the museum allows for the preservation and education of Comanche culture while offering the opportunity to give back to the surrounding communities by offering free admission.


CNMCC is a work in progress and continues to evolve.  A young and dynamic staff is routinely conducting research and developing new exhibits that focus on the Comanche People.


The museum hosts national traveling exhibitions on loan from major metropolitan museums across the country such as the Smithsonian Institute, Michigan State University Museum and Chicago's Field Museum.  These exhibits concentrate on American Indian art and culture and each is augmented with Comanche cultural material.


We welcome your feedback and inquiries.  Please feel free to contact us:

701 NW Ferris Avenue
(behind McMahon Auditorium)
Lawton, OK 73507

Phone: 580-353-0404




Museum Staff

--------------------, Executive Director

Gabrielle Gomez, Executive Assistant

--------------------,  Collections Manager

Brad Perkins, Collections Assistant

Bambi Allen, Cultural Specialist

Candy Morgan, Education and Public Programs Manager

Vanessa Tomahsah, Museum Assistant

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Comanche Nation Fair

Comanche Nation Fair (1)

September 30 - October 2, 2016

Fair 2016 Flyer


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Tourism Center

Tourism Center (0)

The Comanche Nation Tourism Center shares, displays, informs, and educates visitors on the history of the Comanche People by promoting tourism in this area. To support preservation efforts by offering travelers perspectives and experiences by authentically interpreting the Comanche Nation story.


The Comanche Nation Tourism Center supports preservation efforts to uncover and interpret the past of the Comanche Nation and, in doing so, strengthens the Comanche communities of the future. Our mission is to share, display, inform, and educate both native and non-native people on the history of the Numunu People, as well as to share the vision of the future of the Comanche People of Oklahoma. We not only promote tourism in this area, but also act as a center for information concerning the activities and departments of the Comanche Nation.


Please call us for our latest inventories

Our website and online store will be coming soon via Intertribal Visions Unlimited.



Bonnie Monessy



Ph: (580) 595 4941
Fax: (580) 595 4937



Comanche Nation Tourism Center
410 S.E. I-44 Unit A
Lawton, OK 73001
S. of the Comanche Nation Casino

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CIVA Tribute to Veterans











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Comanche Nation Code Talkers

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Vendor Rules & Regulations

Vendor Application

Art Show Application


For more information please call:

Fred Codynah (580) 595-4941

BJ Anderson (580) 492-3377



Click on the downloadable State Map in which your project occurs to determine if it lies within one of the counties in which the Comanche Nation has an interest in. Inquiries on the review 'fee(s)' assessed for a project may be directed to the Comanche Nation Office of Historic Preservation.


The Comanche Nations 'Areas of Interest' are highlighted, whereas the areas with a line across them are outside of the Nations concern.

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