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The Comanche Nation Children's Court was established on April 9, 1987, under the authority of Article VI, Section 7, Subsection (J) of the Constitution of the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma. The Courts powers and duties are set forth in the Children's Court Codes, pursuant to the inherent sovereignty of the Comanche Nation and in accordance with the Indian Child Welfare Act.


The Comanche Nations Children's Court is designed to assist clients who have children that are enrolled Comanche tribal members or are eligible for enrollment. The Court, in addition to receiving cases from the Indian Child Welfare Program, transfers cases from the Comanche County Department of Human Services (DHS) as well as receiving referrals from Social Services & the Child Protection Officer. The Court enters orders determining paternity and establishing child support as well as registering orders which have been entered through other child support agencies.


The Court has three (3) dockets and meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. The Court handles cases involving deprived, abused, and neglected children, in addition to foster care, adoptions, guardianships, and enforcement of child support. The main purpose of the Court is to protect and serve Comanche tribal custom, preserve and strengthen the family unit, by acting in the best interest of our tribal children.


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Pamela K. Adair
Court Clerk / Administrator


Honorable Rita J. Coosewoon


Honorable Tobias Robles


Honorable Cornelia J. Karty


Lisa Otipoby



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