New Pathways

New Pathways

To provide halfway house services for the prevention and treatment of alcoholism to Native Americans residing within the Lawton, Oklahoma service area.


We receive applications and place individuals on a continual basis.  Individuals apply for residency while in Substance Abuse Treatment Centers.  Immediately after graduation they are admitted in our program.  The main priority is to work while they are here, saving money to locate housing after they complete their stay. All residents must attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous each week.  We provide limited transportation. We make referrals for their individual needs and the Counselor meets with them on a regular basis or as often as needed.  They are provided an evening meal plus we furnish breakfast food items, snacks and lunch items for work. Most residents locate work within 2-3 weeks.  They are required to adhere to the halfway house rules where they are placed and New Pathways rules as well. We provide paper goods, eating necessities and cleaning supplies.  They earn a certificate after they complete their stay.  We are in compliance with the Indian Health Service grant from which we operate from.


*FACILITY UPDATE December 2015*

In April-May 2013 KCA received a grant to abate five buildings at the FSIS (Fort Sill Indian School) Campus for asbestos.  They included Building 395, where New Pathways has been located for 26 years.   The floor tiling was also removed due to the mastic adhesive used to secure the tiling.  The grant did not include tile replacement.  Therefore, we could not place residents in the current facility with a faulty roof, excessive water damages, and no floor tiling.

Since June 2013 residents have been placed at other halfway house in Lawton, OK with New Pathways paying for their 90 day stay.  To place residents at these halfway houses is very costly.  We are working with tribal administration to remedy this situation where our residents are in the same building with us.




Caron D. Yellowfish




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Comanche Nation New Pathways
P.O. Box 2752
(1401 NE Lawrie Tatum Road, Bldg. 395)
Lawton, OK 73001

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