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Under the direction of Assistant Chief Niedo, the division provides services to the tribal members, business, and court services.   Within the patrol division, the structure includes patrol activities, community activities, crime prevention, and K-9 activities over the 63,000 square miles of Indian Country over seven southwest Oklahoma Counties.  This vast expanse extends from Anadarko to the Red River boarder and Jackson County to Stevens County.

The department has Weapon Instructors who provide weapon safety training to the department and other police agencies. This training includes lethal and non-lethal weapons, Taser Certifications, Pepper Ball, Chemical, and Baton. Use of Force, Custody and Control, and Active Shooter response trainings are significant to protection of our tribal community.


The department has specialized trained officers such as Narcotics Officers who are Clan Lab

Certified to disassemble meth labs, operate in hazardous to process, and collect evidence

for the adjudication of meth manufactures and distributors in Indian Country.


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