Preparedness Notice From Emergency Management PDF Print E-mail

From the Comanche Nation Emergency Management PIO:


Remember, prepare your home and family for a potential severe ice storm this weekend. You may be iced in your home to where you cannot leave, and emergency personnel cannot reach you, so PREPARE NOW!

Prepare for potential bad weather this weekend by stocking up on groceries, propane, batteries, blankets and wood if you have fireplaces.

Have extra amounts of medical prescriptions, baby items, and water. Check batteries in flashlights and battery operated radios, in case power is lost.

Have cell phones fully charged, and back-up cell phone charging units ready and charged.

Have an emergency plan ready for your family. Set up ways to communicate with family members outside the home.

Keep water faucets dripping.

Keep gasoline tanks in vehicles full, or half full.

Keep pets from outside elements.


Remember, being prepared is always best.